Sessions with Brett

We are all born with an incredible birthright – to be in love with life, nature and each other effortlessly and without judgment – essentially unbounded.   But very early in life, we learn there are unexpected dangers in the world – and they matter.  These lessons often come at a cost to our personal well being. We develop strategies to live our lives that work well for the times and circumstances we learn them.  Later, those patterns can keep us from trusting, loving or being loved, taking justifiable risks, or feeling safe.  These feelings become “normal”.  Yet you know there is something more. You can feel it. It’s present all the time like a hum in the background that you just ignore.  Eventually,  this yearning to be free of these constraints becomes more pronounced and that’s when people reach out.

When I work with people, because of my training and sensitivities, I tune into these struggles, usually, right away. But something else is also going on.  I connect with who you really are and talk to you from that connected place to help find or rediscover this “you”. The real you.  The you that wants to emerge. This brings into sharp focus what’s really, positively true about yourself. What are your essential gifts? What are your core issues? Areas of confusion and blocks? What kinds of activities and energies are helpful to you – not in a general sense – but very specifically about you and your soul patterns/nature? How can you connect with your higher purpose? Along with this information, I connect to your gifts, your essence which shines through no matter how much is going on.  Then, when you are connected to your core, your essence, your soul – looking back at your difficulties and challenges, everything looks very different. The concerns you have all now have a true perspective. From here, you can make great choices which are surprisingly clear.

When we’re done, you’ll have a map to “better” and a direct experience of what it means to be connected to your deeper self.  You’ll have a custom list of specific activities and insights. Simple, direct actions that will help you on your journey and new insights and resources to bring into your daily life.

If you’re interested in this experience, let me know. I’d love to help.  You can book sessions with contact me via this website.