What kind of work do you do?

My intention with any session is to be helpful and provide information and opportunities for experiences to help you along your path. My particular sensitivities and training provide a rich set of resources to draw on so as to fit lots of different types and issues. Sessions can be focused on emotional well being, spiritual growth, and insight, and can traverse several of these domains in the same session.

Each person is different so each session is different. My goal is to help the best way I can by responding to what’s going on in the moment. As a result, a session may include emotional work,  past lives, intuitive work, assistance with discovery and grounding in your true, authentic self or creating a “soul prescription” that provides detailed guidance on activities that help you activate specific energies and realizations.

There is a saying from my training as a counselor. “I’m in charge of the session – you’re in charge of me”.  In this way, you control exactly what is discussed, where and how far we go into whatever presents itself. It’s up to you.

Frequently, I’ll get an impression of specific activities that can help you. I often pick up information about spiritual paths from your past and present. If there are big blocks or issues in your way, these usually present themselves. Also, I have a knack for dream work and a special relationship to dreams. Much more can happen, it’s a big world inside.

Are you certified, counselor or psychologist?

No. I and want to be clear about that. I have had many hours of training in counseling and psychotherapy with amazing teachers but they don’t put much stock in the intuitive work that is important in my practice.  I am a registered Hypnotherapist in the state of Washington. Sessions involve mindful states of awareness which are by definition a light trance state. The work I do is in the moment based on techniques learned from a variety sources including meditation, somatic psychology, group dynamics, and my degree in interpersonal communication. I often refer to it as “assisted self discovery”.

Do you use cards, crystals or other oracles?

I can, but usually don’t. As we talk, I will have distinct by paying very close attention to what is said, and not said as well as sensations, images, impressions, feelings and other experiences as they arise that I will ask you about. My senses are the oracles in this case.

How does it work?

I take a few moments to get mindful, then bring my full attention to you. Usually, my attention is drawn to something right away like your smile, tone of voice, turn of the phrase or of some other way to enter into a state of Loving Presence. From here, the rest is easy. I just stay present with the experience and using the techniques learned and talents developed over the years.

Do you predict the future?

What I know is this: the future is determined by who you are now. If you take action to be more mindful and present, manifest more of who you really  – you will have and attract better choices. It’s really kind of magical. The fog settles a bit and suddenly you see “door number 3” was there along.  By changing your “being” you change your future for the better, much better. Being then doing. That is one of the great secrets of life.

Where do you do readings?

I work in the Seattle area and live in Bellevue Washington. If you’re in that area, we can work in person. Online sessions using a video camera are also easy to do and work great.

What kind of training and background do you have?

That’s a long story. I’ve studied with some of the best talents in the world.  It might be best to break this into categories so that it makes a bit more sense how my background has had layers of experience and practice that each have contributed to what I bring to a session.

  • Training in Counseling and Therapy: These teachings were truly astonishing in their sophistication and groundbreaking approach to working with people in a mindful state. It is here that  I learned to listen beyond the story, be present with strong emotions, track shifting emotional states, learned character maps, worked to refine many very specialized and practical techniques that I use in sessions as appropriate. I am trained as a teacher of Loving Presence workshops that Ron Kurtz invented.
  • Meditation
    • For a decade, I studied with Audle Allision, founder of the Lotus Center. After several years of study, I founded the Quest Institute in Dallas where I taught beginning and advanced meditation techniques for a couple of years. This was an esoteric spiritual practice where I “woke up” as they say, to the reality of our spiritual life. As a result of these practices, I developed a refined sensitivity to energy, intuition, and what most people call psychic abilities. However, those are small things when compared to the oneness that we can all experience. This connection to oneness helps me keep things in perspective and see the great good that wants to emerge.  We’ll work on exploring this very precisely and examine how you can leverage your natural strengths as well as your relationship to what’s holding you back.
  • Training in Somatic Practices
    • As a young man, I studied movement in the form of martial arts, expressive dance, and contact improvisation. These are great ways to learn to be present. The body is always in the moment.
    • The Work: for several years I studied with a community focused on the teaching of Gurdjieff called “the work”. This was an exceptionally challenging experience physically, emotionally, interpersonally,  and spiritually. But as a result, I learned what it meant to truly inhabit a body. To own the reality that I was (and we are all) placed here on this planet in a body that is connected to the world and that by really owning that – you can find your place not only in the world but in the cosmos.
  • Group Dynamics and the Group Field
    • For several years I worked with Amina Knowlan, founder of Matrix Leadership Institute.  Amina has developed an incredible process for working with groups that is transformative for all the participants.  In these training, really came to understand who I am and I participate in groups in my life.  I learned and have a deep reverence for the innate knowledge inherent in the group as an organism. Due to my particular sensitivity, I am for whatever reason attuned to the “group field” which is present in any group and has sort of a life of its own. Learning how to read and be present with this field has been, to be frank, a blast. It’s an extremely rich experience with unending variety and nuance that is both fascinating and humbling.
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